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Nostradamus prophecy and the hidden mystic
Michael Nostredame prophecy, fire Nostradamus' prophecy & The Astrological Time-calendar
Nostradamus - Nostredame - Astrologisk Tids-kalender - Translation from: 1952.
Michel Nostradamvs Astrology, fire

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Nostradamus prophecy, Activate: Language, to see a Time!
2005 O.Vincent, DK  
 X/65  O far-flung Rome thy ruin approaches,
None of thine walls of your blood & substance:
The harsh through *scholars will make so horrible dent,
*Iron sharp brought to all right to sleeve.

X/65:*Or: letters/writings (and see Verse: IX/48)
*From about 21. May - 20. Jun.  or  21. Dec. - 19. Jan.
(The Time: 2017-2052)              

Nostradamvs Prophet prophecy by Vincent
Ever since the 23. Oct. 1963
The secret about the Time.
©All Rights Reserved - by O.Vincent

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          Original books: Cesar (the letter dating: 1. Mar. 1555) and Henry II (the letter dating: 27. Jun. 1558)
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Timeshift: 20. Mar. 2017 (after that: 'Times for Pestilence')
(2017-2052) & open will be the great chain over the harbour(Pr233) 
- Pr233: The Golden Horn: 
- The harbour bay at Istanbul at the Bosporus straits, Turkey.
See: 4. Nostradamus The Prophecy
2013-2015 Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.
(2024) Leader of Aries, Jupiter, & Saturn, God eternal which mutations? - see: I/51
Before advent heaven sign will make. - see: IX/44

(and later then the second woe: a violent earthquake in Europe, see: IX/83) 

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